Exploring sounds: Bands that will make you want to travel

Nothing like a good music to set the mood for powerful feelings. It makes us cry, smile, dream… Some magical musicians have the ability to touch our hearts with it, helping us explore our imagination.

Travelling to the unknown, experiencing a new culture and a different language is something most people feel inspired to do. Check out 3 awesome bands that will help you light up that desire for a great journey to a new city, country or continent!

1 – Beirut

This American band led by the cute cheeks of Zach Condon is absolutely lovely! It is by far one of the most unique bands out there! The music not only sounds like an exotic distant paradise, but it is actually rich in instruments, poetry and  vision. The sound is so good and unique that I can even taste it and smell it. It is worth a good listen.

2 – Passenger

Passenger is a one-man band formed by a guy named Mike Rosenberg, from England. He owns the 2012 hit ‘Let Her Go’, but he also owns a fantastic talent for performance and poetry. Listening to his stories in form of music will make you want to go out there and build your own adventures with unknown people and places. Get the chills while seeing this powerful performance.

3 – Sigur Rós

Oh, Iceland, the land of the elves. This place has the ability to produce some very interesting music! It is really hard to pick just one band from this magical place, but maybe Sigur Rós can top my list. They have a very rich sound, with amazing vocals, but mostly a mix of instruments serving to produce music that is just perfect for travelling in your own head. Take a look!

Beirut, Passenger and Sigur Rós are just some of the bands that personally touch my heart and inspire me. What are the bands and songs that will always make you want to take the next train and get to know a little more of this wonderful world?


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