Express yourself better and be funnier!

Do you want to express yourself better? To be more interesting and funnier? A great help to enrich your vocabulary are similes. Unlike the proverbs you can modify them grammatically and integrate them into your own sentences.

Apart from the fact that your mother tongue will be richer, similes can help you understand the culture or history of the country whose language you learn.
And the best information at last – you can seize the initiative and come up with brand new and funny similes and have fun with your friends!

Let’s have a look at Czech similes:


silný jako kůň – as strong as a horse

mlsná jako koza – as picky as a goat (English equivalent: to have a sweet tooth)

slabý jako komár – as weak as a mosquito

pilný jako včelka – as hard-working as a bee

čilý jako rybička – as active as a small fish

zdravý jako rybička – as healthy as a small fish (English equivalent: as fit as a fiddle, as sound as a bell, in the ping)

sladký jako cumel – sweet as a dummy (English equivalent: as sweet as sugar)

chytrý jako liška – as smart as a fox

bystrý jako rys – as bright as a lynx

černý jako bota, uhel, noc havran – as black as a shoe, coal, night, rook (English equivalent: as black as one’s hat)

hluchý jako poleno – as deaf as a log (English equivalent: as deaf as a post)


pracovat jako drak, jezdit jako drak – to work as a dragon, to drive as a dragon

pít jako duha – to drink as a rainbow (English equivalent: to drink like a fish)

mlčet jako ryba – to be quiet as a fish (English equivalent: maintain a stony silence, shut up like a clam)

rozumět něčemu jako koza petrželi – to understand sth. like a goat understands parsley (English equivalent: to not know the first thing about sth., to not know chalk from cheese)

koukat jako když ti ulítly včely – to look as if your bees have flown away

dočkat času jako husa klasu – to be patient as a goose which is waiting for a cob (English equivalent: Everything comes to him who waits.)

spát jako dudek – to sleep as a hoopoe (English equivalent: to sleep like a log)

čumět jako tele na nový vrata – to gape like a calf on new door (English equivalent: to be gaping like a fish)

slézat se jako švábi na pivo – to be gathering like cockroaches to the beer (English equivalent: to be gathering slowly)

růst jako houby po dešti, růst jako z vody – to grow like mushrooms after the rain, to grow up like from the water (English equivalent: to spring up like mushroom, to be growing like a weed)

Have a look also at other articles about Czech and English similes, i.e. here in Czech or at the page, where you can find a lot of useful stuff for English learning!

Do you know English similes that express the same with other words? Share them with us in the comments.


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