Express yourself…French style!


Whether you want to show off your happiness, anger, surprise or pain… interjections are a must-know when you are learning a language like French. Indeed, just like all the Latin cultures, French people tend to be really passionate and emotional when speaking…interjections are the best way to express your feelings.
There are so many different types of interjections:

-The historical ones like “Sacrebleu!” or “Ventre Saint-Gris!” both belonging to the Medieval times…
-The gastronomic ones “Bon Appétit!” and “A table!”
-The regional ones “Bon diou!” “Bouducon!”
-The new technological ones “Mdr” or “ptdr”
-The funny sounding ones: ” Ouillouillouille “, “Ayé”

But here is the TOP 5 of the expressions you need to know when traveling in France; because you will hear them over and over again…and be careful…they are not all pretty!

1-Putain! (Fucking hell!)
2-Et Merde! (Oh Crap!)
3-Youpi! (Yippee!)
4-Zut! (Damn!)
5-Aïe! (Ouch!)
6-Allez! (Come on!)
7-Mon Dieu ! (God!)
8-Chut! (Sh!)
9-Berk! (Yuk!)
10-Hou! (Boo !)

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