Extreme Travelling: Madventures

Take two fearless travellers, a camera and travel destinations off the beaten path – and you’ve got Madventures, a travel series that your mother probably wouldn’t approve of. 😉 Begun as an exploration of the backpacker culture, this documentary of world travel has maintained its edgy character throughout its history.

The dynamic duo behind the series is Riku Rantala and Tuomas “Tunna” Milonoff, two friends from Helsinki, Finland, who started travelling the world back in the 1990s. When a camera was eventually brought along on the travels, the creation of Madventures was one important step closer. The first episodes of the series aired in 2002, and since then, Finnish TV audiences have been able to witness the journeys of Rantala and Milonoff in Nepal, Japan, Tonga, Malawi, Tibet and Ecuador, to name just a few. In 2009, the series became available to a wider audience, as it was broadcast on an American travel channel.

Madventures sets itself apart from other travel documentaries because of its rough, humorous, and rather extreme style, offering viewers a glimpse of the stranger sides of life outside touristic locations. It’s done on a low budget, and its style is anything but politically correct – so it is not for the faint-hearted. 😉 Rantala and Milonoff do not shy away from exploring any local practices which are deemed controversial in other cultures. Rather, anything with shock value is almost guaranteed to be included. For example, the show has a section titled “Mad Cook”, where the two adventurers try local dishes such as rat, chicken foot and monkey brain: not your typical tourist menu!

However, apart from the madness of these adventures, the key factor to the appeal of the show is probably the duo that is found behind the microphone and the camera. Think verbal acrobatics, mishaps caught on tape, pranks played on each other by Rantala and Milonoff, wacky challenges, and twisted humour. All of these constitute a major part of why Madventures has gathered a notable fan base in Finland, and abroad as well.

The series could certainly be seen as some sort of pioneer in the field of travel documentaries. If you’d like to get an idea of what the show is like, why not take a look at the trailer video below. It’s time for Madventures!

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