Fårejn Vords (for•eign words)


Since way back when, people from far-far-away have had a strong influence on the words we use. In my opinion the Swedish language is heading downhill. A. Very. Steep. Hill.

No other language in the world is being slaughtered and massacred to the extent that Swedish is. From prepositions to pronouns everyone simply applies whatever rules they feel like using. Neither the Swedish Academy of Language, Teachers’ Associations nor parents seem to care in the least because children need to be pampered no end these days. No wonder the amount of garbage seeping its way in.

The nastiest, and what really makes me climb the walls, is the way foreign words are made Swedish. Here are some examples. The examples are English, but I threw in a German word to make a point.

English Swedish Example of Daily Use
Fake fejka du kan sluta fejka nu
Fight fajtas dom fajtas med varandra
Shop shoppa att shoppa
Skate skejta att skejta
Tag tagga att tagga något
Geschwind geschwinnt det där gick geschwinnt

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