Fashion 2.0: half-serious list of must-follow blogs

From February 23rd to March 1st, the entire city of Milan stopped to make room for the hectic carousel of Fashion Week, where the most famous Italian stylists presented their collections for Autumn/Winter 2011. This last edition staked everything on new technologies, even redefining the concept of catwalk.

As it happened, for instance, during Dolce&Gabbana event: the audience, while attending the showcase, was invited to log on the maison’s website with personal laptops or smart phones and to leave comments which were displayed real-time, together with backstage shooting.

Somehow, this was a predictable innovation: it’s been a while since the new fashion trends have been setting out and spreading through web channels like social networks and blogs, so that the most famous bloggers are regularly invited to the catwalks.

Here we offer a list of some of the most influential blogs, the ones you must read if you want to keep up-to-date with last trends about shoes, clothes, accessories, style and whatever is part of the fabulous world of fashion.

A minimal layout for a blog which gives the priority to pictures rather than to words. The photos by the authors underline a detail, an item, a perfect match: what punctually follows is a waterfall of comments by their followers, who punctually like what the authors posted.

The Sartorialist
Less philosophy, more real life. The blog originated from the author’s (Scott Schuman) passion for photography and his will to share some pictures where he had immortalized outstanding looks on the streets of New York. One year after…oops! The blog and his author are appreciated worldwide. Nice one: the contact with street life. Because fashion is – most of all – a matter of daily outfit.

Garance Doré
Stylish and ironic: she is the one. She definitely sets the trends, but without taking them too seriously and she knows how to play with some excesses and oddities of a world which sometimes is even funnier than the stereotypes about it.

The Blonde Salad
In Italy she is the most famous one right now. Blonde, thin, blue eyes, Barbie-like. The student with the right contacts in the right places started her blog in October 2009: one year later she registers 60000 visits a day. Catwalks, TV shows, magazines: she is everywhere. Guess how many Italian girls would love to be be like her…


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