Fête de la Musique, a worldwide celebration!

The Fête de la Musique, an international celebration of music, takes place every year on June 21st, the day of summer solstice. It was introduced in 1982 by the French Minister for Culture, Jack Lang, and has since grown on the international scale thanks to the French communities abroad and is now celebrated in more than 120 countries.
In France, the event brings together professional and amateur musicians, in big cities as well as small towns, in order to celebrate all kinds of music. All concerts are free. As the weather is usually warm enough then, it is a very enjoyable night that you spend going from one concert to another or sitting at a terrace in front of the outdoor stage. The line-ups tend to be quite comprehensive, so you’d better check it out before so that you don’t miss out on a band you like!

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If you are somewhere else in the world, you can check out the following websites to see what is happening near you:

Belgium: http://www.fetedelamusique.be/
The Netherlands: http://www.fdlm.nl/
Germany: http://www.fetedelamusique.de/fete-deutschland/ (held in 46 cities, some of them will also show the Germany-Ghana game outside, like Hamburg)
United Kingdom: https://musicday.org.uk/
Italy: http://www.festadellamusica-europea.it/index.php/italia
Poland: http://www.wianki.krakow.pl/en/8/0/280/the-f%C3%AAte-de-la-musique
Norway: http://musikkfest.no/
Ukraine: http://fetedelamusique.lviv.ua/en/
Sevilla, Spain: http://www.icas-sevilla.org/dia-de-la-musica-2014/
Mexico City, Mexico: http://www.alianzafrancesademexico.org.mx/Eventos/Fiesta-de-la-Musica-2014
New York City, US: http://makemusicny.org/
Bogota, Colombia: http://www.fiestadelamusica.com.co/
Brisbane, Australia: http://www.fetedelamusiquebrisbane.com.au/
Shanghai, China: http://www.fetedelamusique-shanghai.com/Index/home.html
Beijing, China: http://www.beijingmusicday.com/

No need to think about a Saturday night’s plan, go listen to some music and enjoy the warm weather!


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