FICA: Is it a dangerous Portuguese word?

What is better than studying a foreign language? The answer is easy, having the chance to practice it in a dynamic environment and interacting with people from the entire world! Can you imagine if it happens in a city surrounded by waterfalls, where the sun shines almost 365 days and where you have access to an intense cultural agenda with films, concerts and games all for free? Welcome to FICA!

Despite of the fact that it has the same pronunciation as the Swedish word FIKA, FICA is a Portuguese acronym for International Environmental Film and Video Festival (Festival Internacional de Cinema e Vídeo Ambiental).

The FICA takes place in a small city located in the heart of Brazil known as the City of Goiás. Once a year the small town becomes the stage of the second largest environmental film festival in the world and hosts productions from all the continents.

If you are interested in cinema, culture, nature, speaking Portuguese and a second foreign language then the festival is a great opportunity to improve your language skills. Every year the event’s organizers select students to work as translators and to help the international filmmakers during the festival. Basically, your task would be to take care of one filmmaker, help him with the press interviews, translating menus in restaurants, guiding them around the city and partying a bit with the other translators and filmmakers.

This year the FICA’s 14° edition will be held from June 26th to July 1st. For this edition the festival had 362 films submitted, 214 Brazilians and 148 international. In the end, only a 19% of them were selected for the Competitive Exhibition. Below you can check a clip from the last edition of the festival.

Don’t wear the FICA t-shirt everywhere!

During the festival it´s common to see people walking around and wearing the official festival’s t-shirt in which the acronym FICA is highlighted. Just in case you decide to wear this t-shirt out of Brazil be careful! In other languages “fica” can have a total different meaning, sometimes not very polite. In Italian for example “fica” is a colloquial name for the female sexual organ. In Portuguese the word “fica” comes from the verb ficar that means stay or when used in the expression “ficar com alguém” can also mean to kiss someone.


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