First impression counts – Czech fashion!

It has been more than 20 years since the Velvet revolution and the fall of Communism. Before 1989 fashion was probably the last thing on anyone’s minds. Although I am too young to remember those times I’ve heard way too many stories about standing in line for more than two hours to get such luxurious products as bananas or oranges. But now the Czech public has a variety of things to choose from. So why is the fashion sense still nowhere to be found? At least that’s what some foreigners are saying and more importantly seeing.

Not to be unfair the situation is much better now, you can meet many nicely dressed people all around the country. First impression counts or as we Czechs like to say that Clothes make the man. So let us have a look at some of the fashion sins my fellow countrymen are constantly being accused of committing. You decide the truth for yourselves.

1. Socks in sandals

You can be almost sure that the guy wearing the incredibly ridiculous white socks in his sandals you met in Croatia standing in line for ice cream was Czech. What it is it with Czech guys and socks? All around the world socks are regarded as underwear. Only in my country it is the pride of every man – the whiter the better.

2. Bum bag

For a while it seemed that bum bags have disappeared and will remain forever forgotten but they are back in even bigger numbers than before. Please that thing has never looked attractive on anyone so get rid of them for all our sakes.

3. Just because it zips…doesn’t mean it fits

There are two very unfortunate phenomena going on right now. Girls wearing clothes two sizes too small for them and guys wearing clothes too sizes too big for them. Honestly I can’t decide which is worse.

4. The ever so present plastic bag

You can really tell when you are in the Czech Republic by the amount of people who consider the plastic bag to be the newest accessory.

5. Comfort above all

I get it you bought these great outdoor shoes that you could climb mountains with and they are so comfy but why oh why do you have to wear those in the city? Comfort above all is the fashion dictate most popular among Czechs.

This is just a sample of the fashion sins presumably committed by my fellow countrymen on a daily basis. But what do you think? Are these facts or fictions? Would you add some things? Share your opinion in the comments below.


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