Five Advantages of Living Abroad

Forget ”expanding your horizons” , ”meeting interesting people”, ”experiencing a new culture”, ”learning a new language” and ”personal growth”: Here are the REAL reasons being an expat is awesome.

NO Expat intext1. No matter how uninteresting you are, people will always find you a little bit exotic.

2. Speaking a foreign language gives you the ultimate excuse for being stupid (I’m actually really intelligent, I just cannot express myself properly) or boring (I’m HILARIOUS in my mother tongue. Promise).

3. You can talk shit about people and curse in your native language without anyone knowing.

4. Whenever you are being rude or socially awkward, you can blame it on your culture, irrelevantly of whether it actually has anything to do with it (I had NO IDEA I was supposed to bring a gift to your birthday party! In my country, we never do that…).

5. If you make a complete fool of yourself and the shame becomes too hard to bear (e.g. if you’ve thrown up in every bar there is, or had sexual intercourse with an unacceptably large percentage of the population), you can always go back home and never see the people ever again.


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