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Five Countries Free From Criminality

If you intend to move abroad, but you are still deciding where to go, the simple but useful counsel I would suggest is to examine all the facts thoroughly and answer all the questions that are on your mind. Deciding to move to another country is a very important decision.

You need to reason on various subjects such as Climate, Cost of Living, Health Care, Dangers Associated with Wars etc…, and make a decision ONLY when you are informed and when you clearly understand the realities of the destination that you have decided to move to. Do not allow others to make decisions for you, and take for face value the opinions of others because they might have different needs and viewpoints from yours.

The truth is that an absolute paradise does not exist. On the contrary, a country could be perfect for you personally, on the basis of your characteristics and taste, but not for somebody else. Seeing that the worlds countries are many (196), you need to understand which ones correspond to your personal needs.

Before deciding the country you want to move to you need to examine crime rates.

You have to be aware that there are countries where people live in constant fear of being robbed (or even mugged, injured and killed) on the streets, at work or at home. Homicide is certainly the worst crime that one fears most. Well, there are countries (particularly in certain Caribbean countries and Central and South America) where the homicide rate, already very high in the past, is increasing.

To give you an idea of the gravity of what is happening in Latin-American countries just think that more than 10.000 people are killed every year by juvenile gangs in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, countries that you would avoid if you want to live a peaceful life.

If you are searching for the best place where to live, fortunately crime is not present everywhere. There are countries where there are no dangers and where people live peacefully, nations where the entire population firmly opposes every kind of violence.

Where are these paradises? To answer the question we have drawn information and data directly from the eBook Paradise Found at Last!, a new operational instrument, where you can examine the situation in all 196 world countries. The eBook examines 50 basic themes for those who want to find their ideal place to live.

Amongst these paramount 50 themes for the life of an expat, the level of criminality is a fundamental parameter.

Therefore, where are the safest countries, those where life is serene without the threat of being robbed, mugged and even killed?

Please examine the World Map of Criminality below, where you will be able to detect the countries where crime is more or less developed. Micro-criminality, such as theft, muggings or pick-pocketing, as well as worse crimes, such as physical violence and homocide, are considered.
map of criminality

The map underscores the dire situation in Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Venezuela and El Salvador and certain Caribbean countries. They should be avoided if you are searching for a peaceful environment, free of violence.

After carefully analyzing the World Map of Criminality we have drafted the safest places on the earth that correspond to 5 nations where crime is practically absent:

  1. Liechtenstein
  2. Monaco
  3. Palau
  4. Japan
  5. Singapore

If you are searching for your paradise and you identify it in a place devoid of crime, well now you know where they are!

Thanks for reading my review.

Roberto Stanzani

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Roberto Stanzani
Author of: Paradise found at last! (in English)
Eden, trova il Tuo Paradiso Terrestre (in Italian)

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