For those thinking of going to Latin America, we strongly recommend Panama!

If you’re looking for your next holiday destination, we will give you here a glimpse of what you could visit in Panama.

Panama is located in Central America between Costa Rica and Colombia. It is the meeting point of different cultures. It is a melting pot that has more than 3 million inhabitants. The climate is humid and the temperature varies between 30 and 33 degrees.

In addition to always finding nice people and fun, you can relax and enjoy a vibrant city, learn the Panamanian culture, visit parks, dance, taste delicious Panamanian and international food, among many other activities that we invite you to discover for yourself.

Let’s briefly present some of the places to visit in Panama.

The Panama Canal: considered the eighth wonder of the world, it is a visit you should not miss. At Miraflores Locks, there is the visitor center where you can learn the history and look closely at the passing vessels while you get the full explanation of how this architectural wonder works.

The Casco Viejo or Casco Antiguo: it is emblematic, declared World Heritage by the Unesco. Its architecture is varied, with alleys and building designs from the French, Spanish, Caribbean and Republican culture. You can visit its many cathedrals and squares and immerse yourself in an original and diverse neighborhood.

Mi pueblito: Located at the foot of Ancon Hill, there are three mixes of towns representing the cultures of Panama. The Afro-Caribbean, with a community of houses of typical families, the Farmer, with a sample of a community within the country and finally the Native Town, with a wooded trail where you can observe the typical houses of the Kuna and Embera-Wounnan culture.

La Cinta Costera: This very busy promenade, which runs from Casco Viejo to Punta Paitilla, has become the meeting point and leisure spot for families and youth. It was created to provide within the city an area of leisure and fun, you can spend a pleasant evening where you’ll find kiosks, small rides, street performers, music, jugglers – you can walk, cycle or skate. Besides, you can enjoy a nice view of the bay and the skyscrapers that border all the way.

El Coastway de Amador is a walk located on the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal, where you can admire beautiful sea views and the Bridge of the Americas as well as long walks, sports, visiting the Smithsonian exhibition center, you can appreciate the ships that go to the Panama Canal. The nightlife is great because it has a variety of nightclubs, restaurants, bars and especially people in the
mood for fun.

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We hope that this brief description makes you wish to visit Panama, and do not forget to tell us what you think of this experience.


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