Foreign Languages in India


India has 22 official languages and several hundred other languages spoken by more than a million in the country. Our states were divided on the basis of the popular language spoken in that region. The Government of India recognizes Hindi and English as the official languages of India. Thus, an average Indian is capable of speaking at least 3 languages, Hindi, English and the language of the region they stay. We learn 3 three languages in school. Different schools use different mediums of language and depending on the medium of language the importance given to the other languages differs.

As far as learning foreign languages are concerned, French is the most popular choice. There are 15 branches of the Alliance Francaise all around the country. The second most popular language would be Spanish, closely followed by Chinese, Mandarin. Nowadays, French is an optional language that a student can choose to learn in High School. A few Universities across the country also offer Bachelors Degree in French.

Those with foreign language degrees and diplomas have traditionally found work in translation, interpretation and working in the tourism industry. Learning a foreign language opens up a wide range of career options in the Media, Tourism, Translations, Consulates etc. It also increases the opportunity of a career abroad.The popularity of knowing a foreign language is growing.

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