Free App Day!

We’re very grateful to all of you who helped us to reach 50,000 likes on Facebook! It’s such a great pleasure to interact with you, sharing infographics about languages, playing language games and of course, posting pictures of Joppe!

I love you too 3

Rather than a long speech, we want to give words: loads of translated words that you can access offline and for free on your Apple device (iPhone, iPad or iTouch).
On the 1st of August 2013 (Pacific Time Zone) all the apps are for FREE on the Apple App Store!

Our apps browse the dictionary in both directions simultaneously (i.e. German-English and vice versa) and work offline, meaning no Internet connection is required to find the word you need!

The apps also have pronunciation (watch out for the little speaker icon on the App Store) to help you utter the word or phrase correctly.*

You can use the History to check your past searches and test yourself – do you remember that word yet?

Finally some of our apps come with conjugation tables to tackle irregular verbs and phrasebooks to give you set sentences and idioms to go by in all and any situations – book a hotel, order food, hospital emergencies or computer interface basics!*

All our apps are updated regularly to add more entries and make them better, with newer features. Thank you for liking and mark the date in your calendar:

Connect to your Apple App Store on the 1st of August 2013 to get all the apps you need for free.

*Not all features are available for all apps

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