5 tips on how to French kiss

Learn to master kissing, the French way. It’s really not that hard, just follow these tips!

  1. Don’t be aggressive. There’s nothing worse than being attacked by a tongue when you least expect it. Build up the tension, and get closer little by little. Work up to it.
  2. Close your eyes. It’s VERY awkward to open your eyes again and see the other person staring at you.
  3. The open hole mistake. Stick your tongue out. Don’t make your partner look for it in your mouth.
  4. Don’t put too much tongue. Of course you need to bring your tongue out for a French kiss. But half of it is enough, you don’t want to make your partner suffocate.
  5. Do NOT lick the teeth. If you think your partner should brush their teeth or visit their dentist, just tell them, but don’t use your tongue as a toothbrush.

You’re good to go! Remember, be gentle, be passionate, don’t be aggressive with your mouth. Before starting to practice, you can watch this video to make sure you know all the tricks!


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