From North to South – My 3 most favorite places in Vietnam

1. Sa Pa – A misty city up in the mountain

Sa Pa is a quiet mountainous town in the northern part of Vietnam. It is covered by rice terraces, misty fresh air and ethnic minority people selling hand-made colorful stuff in the market. To enjoy the exotic views, you can spend a day trekking along the mountain and through bamboo forests to reach the ethnic villages. If you like to know more about the local, stay with them! They are friendly and have a very special stem wine you must try.VT_3 places to see_intext1EN


2. Hoi An – An ancient town near the river

Hoi An is the prettiest small ancient town located in the Central of Vietnam. The name, which means a “peaceful meeting place”, tells us all about it. Great place for a relaxing get-away trip! The best way for exploring Hoi An is by bike. Just wandering around, trying some street foods, or stopping at a random cosy coffee shop with river view, that’s my definition of a perfect afternoon here. Tips: if you visit Hoi An on a full-moon day, you can see the whole town is lightened by lanterns at night. How gorgeous is it? Come and see.

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3. Nha Trang – A beach city

Looking for a place with beautiful beaches and lively lifestyle? Nha Trang has something to offer you. Nha Trang is a beach city in the south of Vietnam. It has some of the best beaches in Vietnam with clear water, awesome coral rails and nice weather. Of course, many beach activities are waiting for you here. At night, you can easily find many bars near the beach serving drinks and live music. Not to mention, the sea food here is cheap and fresh. Sounds awesome, right?

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