Funny and weird German words – my personal selection

I’ve conveyed a spontaneous ‘survey’ recently among a not representative sample of people – a couple of friends – in order to find the funniest sounding and weirdest words in the German language.

As I’m sure there are other ‘word collectors’ among you I decided to share my favourites with you. The order of appearance is utterly arbitrary.

der Mumpitz – sounds a bit like a cross between Moomin and Pilz (mushroom)
die Fisimatenten – a pretty twisted word, not that easy to pronounce!
der Kokolores – any comments here are unnecessary. An additional reason to like the word for me: I really like the Cranberries’s singer – Dolores
der Ratzefummel – a name for a simple, everyday object and yet so full of joy! Even linguists are not sure about its origin
knorke! – cool, excellent! But why does this word always make me think of cucumber (Gurke)?
der Firlefanz – a funny word I’ve heard many times and actually believed that it’s another creation of my friend’s before I finally saw it on a billboard
das Brimborium – a supernice word! It makes me think of a funny creature from a Polish book for children – Bromba
der Schnickschnack – I really like the double shhhh… sound
der/das Kuddelmuddel – the sound of this word itself gives away its meaning
das Plumpsklo – there must be something funny for a Polish ear in that word as my German friends didn’t find it funny at all
and last but not least: everything has to be picobello, or spick and span!

Collectors of funny, weird, interesting, curious words and other linguistic creations and monsters please join me! I still have a few funny-favourite German words hidden for the next posts but I do hope you will share yours with us in the comments.

And if you’re into funny and weird words, you’re going to love this quiz with more strange and funny sounding German words!


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4 thoughts on “Funny and weird German words – my personal selection”

  1. My Slovak wife likes these two the most:
    Pümpel = plunger (to clean drains manually)
    Pampelmuse = grapefruit (Grapefruit is used commonly now)

  2. You have forgotten “Tüddelkram” .
    “Tüddeelkram” means that someone is talking silly or stuipid things ..


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