Funny and weird German words – my personal selection – part 2

Remember my last article with funny and weird German words? As I promised I follow up on it and add a couple more. I could go on like that forever as I come across such words all the time but I guess too much of that is just… too much and everyone has to discover them for themselves.

verhonepiepeln – who comes up with words like that?
der Tunichtgut – funny how a noun is created from verb and adverb parts
das Larifari – don’t mistake it for safari!
Muffensausen kriegen – it even sounds scaaary!
ausbaldowern – it just kinda looks like a spelling mistake…
hanebüchen – take special care of this one! It’s almost extinct!
der Dreikäsehoch – three cheeses tall? what a lovely description for a kid!
der Spargeltarzan – Asparagus Tarzan –just cute!
der Muckefuck – what the …? Don’t think anything vulgar, it’s just… coffee

I hope that by listing those I inspired at least one person to go on a quest for funny and weird (not only) German words. Have fun doing that and as always: I would be very happy if you shared them with me in the comments!


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3 thoughts on “Funny and weird German words – my personal selection – part 2”

  1. Kelly added another word to the list. She told us on Twitter that her favorite funny German word was “möchte”.

  2. One of the most fun German words for Americans to pronounce is “Streichholzschaechtelchen”, meaning small matchbox.

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