German bread rolls

As I am a big fan of the quality and variety of Frenchs bakeries, I was not expecting to find so many tasty products in German bakeries. Even if it is obvious that each country and each culture bakes its bread and pastries in its own way, I thought the image of the French person with a baguette and a camembert had become famous thanks to the French passion for good bread. However, I realized that in Germany, the choice is as large as in French bakeries, and German bakeries are really interesting.

Some French recipes
At first, I was relieved to see that the French and the Germans agree about what needs to be found in a bakery – I would not miss French bread during my stay here. Indeed, in German bakeries, there is a choice of baguettes, ficelles, croissants, pains au chocolat (called schokocroissants)… You will find the French version, but also the same products adapted to the German way of life: croissants with ham and cheese, mini-baguettes…

Delicious local products
In addition to recipes coming from France, German bakeries have their own products. For instance, in all the bakeries in Hamburg, you will find several types of Franzbrötchen (cinnamon pastries): with apple, raisins, chocolate, wholemeal… perfect for breakfast! You will also see several kinds of other Brötchen (rolls): with nuts, seeds, cereal, paprika, raisins… or also with melted cheese. So the choice is large and it is worth it to try and order something different for breakfast while traveling in Germany!


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