Germans on holiday

As a German citizen I feel like ‘ze Germans’ are everywhere, but I am quite certain that everybody has that feeling about their own nationalities. I was rather lucky to have been travelling to a few European cities in the last couple of months. Here I would like to point out a few things I noticed when Germans go on holiday. I am sure though that people from other nationalities have many things to add to this and I am looking forward to your comments.


I am certain that half of the amount of tourists in Istanbul, Turkey, came from German speaking countries. In Moscow, Russia, I have rarely seen Western European tourists, to be honest and in Barcelona, Spain, I must say that the French might overtake ze Germans 😉 And London is sort of a destination that is travelled to by literally everybody.

So, the Germans on holiday… Have you noticed a couple or a group of people sitting down for a break unwrapping self-made sandwiches with dark bread wrapped in silver foil? Germans! No doubt. As a German myself I do see the advantage of this: saving a few € abroad. But still it is a bit funny.

It is said that Germans are very organised. So also on holiday. Every day is planned in every detail, opening hours are checked, Metro times are remembered and all tickets are preferably booked in advance so they do not have to queue.

My favourite thing Germans do on holiday is to reserve sun beds veeeery early in the morning, before breakfast and before even retired people get the chance to secure a sun bed. So imagine a family of four in a hotel on the Spanish island Gran Canaria. There is a swimming pool in the middle of the hotel complex which is obviously very busy although the beach is maybe a five minute walk away. Anyway, Mum takes the two kids down to breakfast whereas Dad grabs the four family towels, runs down to the pool and reserves four sun beds. Then he joins the family for breakfast and they take their time, maybe even smuggle some sandwiches and fruit out so they have something for later to eat at the pool. Hilarious.

It is before midday and you see people ordering their first beer at the pool bar. You think, this must be an alcoholic, because who would have their first alcoholic beverage even before lunch? Well, the Germans would. And that’s fine. We love our beer and when it’s hot outside and we are in a holiday mood then why not drink a cool beer in the middle of the day?


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