Germans vs. Poles

After my last post caused a little storm on my Facebook account, I decided to write a second part of the article Panzer and German Porno, in order to put the final dot in my statement.

Previous post was not meant to be the high-flying literature, nor carry any particular message. The article should have been a good read and make people laugh. But it turned out that not everybody laughed. There appeared some standard examples of stereotypical Germans we have heard a thousand times, but contrasted with very similar behaviour or picture of Poles. However, in any case, no one was offended or humiliated, at least in my understanding. Well, let’s start with the beginning…

Although I am completely not interested in fashion, I could give you at least three well-known Polish models” – No problem for me either, but there’s another question: whether they can be considered as a 100% Polish women? Born in Poland, but grown up in a different culture: in the US, Canada, Greece, France, etc. Let us not forget that the environment has influence on us. Place of birth or language, often used only at home, shouldn’t be considered as the only factors. “I thought that we are talking about genes…” – hard not to agree, especially in modelling, where the appearance matters the most. But I’ve prepared a little digression for you – Osuenhe (Axis) Ugonoh – winner of the last edition of the Polish Top Model.

“She was born in Gdansk, but now lives in Ireland, where she is studying. Her parents are from Nigeria. In Ireland, she won the title of Miss Africa” – we can read it on the official website of the show. Oh, and the whole program she was claiming that she feels Polish.



Big bellies on both sides of the Oder

Seriously, are  Polish people stupid, ugly and fat? Gee… I thought that all nations are equal“- all nations are equal and should not be generalized or offended! It’s true that my previous article didn’t contain any summary, but it seems to me that my statement was understandable.

Every German stereotype can be answered with another Polish stereotype, but beer and sausages will stay good in both countries. It’s wrong to laugh at German women, because you could find both beautiful and ugly women in Poland. Perhaps the German highways are better than Polish, but of course not everywhere. And of course, beer muscles grow equally on both sides of the Oder.

To sum up, the generalization is wrong. We often have the same disadvantages as the nation we laugh at. Making fun of any nation cannot be justified, whether it concerns national minorities, races or radical representatives of particular communities; whether we laugh only to cause some controversy on Facebook or among our friends.



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