Germany – or how to treat a road sign nicely…

If we did not know for certain what had happened to the road signs below, it might seem as though some Germans were fed up of being stereotyped as extremely straight-laced and obedient. That might well be the case, but let us first analyze the three of them more carefully.

The first road sign obviously fell victim to a severe hail storm impounding holes into it, this accidentally made it look like somebody had fired at it like a lunatic. But please, who would do something that stupid and pointless? A German?! That’s really too far-fetched.

In the second picture we can make out a no parking-sign that has definitely seen better days. Once it was a proud symbol of law and order shouting out loud and clear: “Don’t you dare! Can’t you see my yellow color that’s warning you to step back?” Yes, this sign used to fight to prevent chaos and lawlessness. But have you ever thought of how exhausting this can be? Fighting for your ideals and being hated for it? It’s back-braking and over time its strength will gradually wane and finally the natural decay will result in such a bad shape. And no way – under no circumstances – would a German batter a road sign like this!

The last one is clearly a misunderstanding. In fact, this sign was never meant to stand anywhere. Some thoughtful officials put it in the lake in order to avoid people underestimating the harmful effect of water on a car engine. Or were you actually thinking that somebody might have hit the sign? Maybe even out of anger over the fact that these bloody signs always stand right where you can park a car perfectly well? No, not in Germany. We don’t hit signs, we adore them!

In conclusion, we have successfully defended the outstanding devotion of Germans to rules and regulations, despite these admittedly slightly ambiguous-looking road sign pictures. And I would really like to further elaborate on this, but sadly I have to head off now – my car has been parked in the no parking zone for hours.

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6 thoughts on “Germany – or how to treat a road sign nicely…”

  1. hahaha….great article, thx.
    germany is the only country i´ve seen where everyone waits at the red sign to cross the street no matter if there are cars coming or not.

    once i was waiting to cross this big street, more like a highway. imagine a wild west kind of street with no car to be seen for like 12 km. not being german, i did the decent thing: started to cross. i mean, i started to until an old lady shouted after me: ´wait, wait, it´s red!´….

    perhaps there are policemen hidden everywhere in bushes.

  2. Is it the Prussian blood? Maybe.
    Anyway, sometimes it’s great that the Germans are reliable and punctual,
    sometimes it drives me up the wall.
    Everything has to be logical, everything has to be reasonable.
    Don’t argue with the Germans… It sucks;)


  3. Hello Guys,

    Greetings. Introducing me.

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  4. Funny post, I wonder how would Hitler react when he sees a German actually throwing stone at the first sign 🙂

  5. Funny. Knowing how disciplined Germans are, the destruction of these signs don’t come as a shock because I do believe that in every great nation, there will always be some black sheep.. 🙂

  6. There could be other reasons like hail, the wear and tear of sign or rusting in the second picture, and the third one would be wind blowing hard on the sign…seriously.

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