Germany’s biggest club festival – Reeperbahn Festival 2015

Since 2006 the biggest club festival in Germany takes place on the legendary Reeperbahn in Hamburg and it has a lot to offer! From September 23 to 26 numerous cultural and informative offers are available for visitors. Musically, there are live performances in various genres (for example, indie, pop, rock, folk, electro, hip hop, rap, soul and jazz). There are also theater shows, exhibitions of fine art, urban art, film, and literature, a lot of meetings, award ceremonies, and of course: parties!

Reeperbahn Festival 2014, Mojo, Kwabs

This year it is the tenth time that the festival takes place and there is a novelty. For the first time the event has a motto: “From Finland”. With this focus on a country, aspiring Finnish artists will be introduced in many of the events.Kid SimiusVery useful, especially for newcomers, are the networking events and workshops on music, art and culture. More than 3,500 media representatives will be present, who will explain more about the industry. This combination of concerts, exhibitions and meetings makes the Reeperbahn Festival a platform for all those who are interested in the media industry.

EnDe_Germany's biggest club festival Reeperbahn Festival 2015_intext3The Reeperbahn Festival is expecting 30,000 visitors this year. There are 400 concerts, 30 art programs and more than 150 conference sessions. The timetable on the official website will help you plan your day. For all these events there are 70 locations available, even including churches!
On the website you will gain more useful information such as a Location Map, tips for eating, where to spend the night, and of course a lot about the individual events.
Do not miss it! 😉



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