Germany´s loss at the Eurovision Song Contest – Why Ann Sophie lost

Who would have expected that? After the unexpected participation of Ann Sophie at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna, the German Singer came last in the international rankings during the grand finale on Saturday. Nevertheless, the girl from Hamburg was positive about her defeat at the ESC: “I still have a big fan-base who supports me no matter which position I made in the final ranking”.



Things always happen when you least expect them

Initially, Andreas Kümmert was supposed to represent Germany at the ESC in Vienna this year. But after his victory at the German preshow “Unser Song für Österreich” he announced that he was not capable of performing at the ESC in 2015. With this decision the winner was Ann Sophie. The 24-year-old singer, who was born in London, studied theatrical performance and drama in New York where she also launched her music career. She never imagined performing her song “Black Smoke” for Germany at the ESC one day.

Too much „Black Smoke“ for Vienna?

During an interview, the singer emphasized that her song “Black Smoke” is not the typical ESC-song. The pop song did not find much support among the shine of songs of other ESC participants. This could also be the reason why Germany came last in the international rankings during the grand finale in Vienna and Ann Sophie had to leave without a single point. The topic of this year´s Eurovision Song contest was “Building Bridges”. Unfortunately, Ann Sophie couldn´t build a bridge with her song. Nevertheless, she shows herself proud of being part of the ESC community.

„Zeroes Of Our Time“

Måns Zelmerlöw from Sweden won the ESC 2015 with his song “Heroes” which brings the Eurovision Song Contest back to Malmö. Inspired by the lyrics of the winning song, Ann Sophie posted a video on her facebook page which shows her and her background singers. The chorus of her cover is “We are the zeroes of our time”. With this she humorously refers to her loss at the final on May 23 and shows that she keeps her tail up for her future career as a singer.

Our song for Malmö 2016

After Germany was ranked last at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015, nobody can be blamed for becoming a fan of the winning song “Heroes”. Especially, the handsome Måns Zelerlöw won over many girls‘ hearts after his performance in Vienna. Just recently, in 2013, the ESC final was brought to Sweden by Loreen and her winning song “Euphoria”. We can look forward to who is performing for Germany in Malmö in 2016. Hopes are high that the outcome for Germany will be better than in Vienna.


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