There are places full of mystery, witnesses of a past history which was interrupted, broken, wiped out. You would think that they are legendary place you could find in a thriller book or on a film set. But actually, they are real. Take a look at some of the most fascinating abandoned places in Italy:

800px-Consonno_autunnoCONSONNO, Olginate, Lecco. In the 60’s an industrialist decided to transform this small hamlet in a real Toyland, building up exotic architectures, shopping malls, luxury hotels and sport centers. The grandiose plans of its creator, however, did not go to fruition and because of landslides, the town was abandoned when it was still under construction. The degradation and neglect make it look like a real ghost town.
Craco0001CRACO, Matera. This ancient town perched on the hills was evacuated in 1963 due to a landslide. This forced abandonment made it possible for the village to be kept intact until today. Visiting is possible with a guided tour. You can enjoy the enchanting medieval atmosphere, but the subsidence of the land could be fatal!
400px-Bussana_vecchia,_église_Sant'EgidioOLD BUSSANA, Sanremo. A violent earthquake towards the end of the 19th century has forced its inhabitants to flee to the valley, leaving a picturesque spot at the mercy of time. In recent years a small community of artists has decided to bring back to life this magical place maintaining its medieval style. Therefore you can access only on foot.
800px-Fabbriche_di_CareggineFABBRICHE DI CAREGGINE, Vagli Sotto, Lucca. The construction of a dam in fascist times has caused the submergence of the medieval village that is now visible only in the rare occasions when the reservoir is emptied.
800px-Lago_di_Resia_2Graun, Bolzano. The old Graun can be visited only if in possession of … scuba tanks! The dam created the Reschensee has completely submerged the country. The only building that manages to emerge is the old steeple. A legend claims that in some winter days the bells still rings.
Do you know other similar places, full of mystery and historical value? Tell us in a comment below!


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