Go Seahawks! Go Broncos!

Superbowl_XXXIX,_2005Yes, it’s that time of the year again: Superbowl is here! As the 2nd of February 2014 is approaching, Football fans all over the world get excited over this year’s Superbowl season, ever fighting about which is the best team. Apart from being the culminating event of every Football Season, however, the Superbowl has become well-known for something that does not have to do so much with sports: TV commercials. In fact, this season is known to many Americans as “the only time I actually enjoy watching commercials”.

But did you know that the commercials shown during Superbowl are the most expensive of all? The price for placing an ad that will be presented during the “Bathroom-breaks” goes well into the Millions: This year, ads costing up to 4 Million Dollars each are expected. That sum sounds even more crazy considering the fact that there are serious doubts as to whether Superbowl ads are actually worth all that money (Source).

On the Plus side, with so much money and effort being invested into 30 second TV spots, it’s no surprise that most of them are pretty good. As a consequence, we as consumers can lean back and actually enjoy watching the commercials.

Get into the mood for this year’s Superbowl season right away by watching some of the best and funniest Superbowl commercials here:

Here is an awesome compilation of recent years’ Superbowl ads:

And here you can get a first glimpse of this year’s commercials:

See the mother of all Superbowl ads by Apple from 1984:

Hilarious Bad Lip Reading at the Superbowl:


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