Good poetry and time: a present from the past

Lately I’ve been feeling very nostalgic, remembering my home country and the beautiful things we have there, and among them is the rich and vast literature, with many examples of high quality reading experiences. The article of today is just an example that the tree that gives good poems in Brazil still has a lot of juicy fruits.

Here you can read two poems from different times: the first one – “Exile song” by Gonçalves Dias – is a very famous Brazilian poem. The second – “Self-exile song” by Filipe Teixeira – brings a different and more current message with a new perspective.

Exile Song (Gonçalves Dias)

My land has palm trees
Where the thrush sings.
The birds that sing in here
Do not sing as they do there.

Our skies have more stars,
Our valleys have more flowers.
Our forests have more life,
Our lives have more love.

In dreaming, alone, at night,
I find more pleasure in there.
My land has palm trees
Where the thrush sings.

My land has beauties
Who cannot be found in here;
In dreaming — alone, at night —
I find more pleasure in there.
My land has palm trees,
Where the thrush sings.

May God never allow
That I die before I return;
That I do not see the beauties
That I cannot find in here;
That I do not see the palm trees
Where the thrush sings.

Self-exile Song (Filipe Teixeira)

If palm tree, if coconut tree
If swallow, if thrush

The sky became mountains of electric stars
That go off when the morning comes

Here I found forests, there I left loves
Pleasure of the eyes, pain of the heart

There are beauties, there are
There are in everywhere

And if God doesn’t let me come back
I will sing right here

I will make the world my palm tree
I will make myself the thrush

You can read more of Filipe’s poetry here and also visit his blog.


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