Good to know about Danes

Being Danish when you are abroad can be funny – and not so funny. Here are some extracts from my own experiences from when I was abroad.

  1. Remember, that Denmark is actually a country. The Dane you are talking to is Danish and NOT from Sweden – it is not the same thing.
  2. If you want to make a Dane happy, just talk about 1992 – at that time Denmark won the European championship in soccer, and we actually did not even qualify, and the players were on holiday, when the head coach called them. I was 2,5 years old, but I still get so happy when talking about it.
  3. Danes are good at self-irony – they do not mind if you make a joke about them. On the other hand, they also expect you to take their mocking with a glimpse in your eyes.
  4. If you want to embarrass a Dane, walk up to him, hug him, and tell him you have missed him and ask how he has been. He will play along for hours, trying to figure out who you are and where you met. He will not say right away that he does not know you.
  5. Danes will party a lot. Often, when visiting a party, they will buy 5-6 good beers, and the drinks for the rest of the night should just be as cheap as possible. It is all about getting drunk – then you will not taste the bad beer in the end of the evening. EnDa_Good to know about Danes_intext1

Obviously all Danes do not care about soccer and partying – but most Danes do until a certain age. These are at least my experiences. People asked so many funny questions, that I could not answer!



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