GT, speak foreign to me

OK, OK, this is quite a dull article about sort of fun you may have using Google Translate. For some major languages it offers an automated voice which can read your input. But now there’s a creativish way to make it speak with a foreign accent for you. You take the spelling of language A, and try to fit a text in language B into it. Then you tell Google Translate the text is in language A, and press the magical button. I’ve prepared a couple of texts for you. Enjoy!

The Pledge of Allegiance of the United States is something probably spoken with a lot of foreign accents. Try it first with a German lilt:

eipledschaledschens tuwe juneititt ßtäts owamerikka, en tuwe ripablikk foruitsch it stands, uannäschn ander gott, indiwisibel, wiflibäti endschastiß foroll

Then what about Polish?

ajpledżaledżens tudze flagowdze junajtedstejts owamerika, en tudze ripablik forłycz yt standz, łannejszyn andegod, yndywizjibl, łyflibeti endżastisforol

Or Russian?

айпледжаледженс тузе флаговзе юнайтыстейтс овамерика, эн тузэ рипаблик форвыч ыт стендз, ваннейшэн андэгод, ындивизибл, выфлибэти энджастисфорол

Or maybe now some German with a Polish accent. Let’s take a few verses from Goethe:

This wouldn’t be complete without some Shakespeare with a Polish accent:


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