4 reasons why Hamburg never stops surprising me…

1. About a month ago, a street choir specifically reminded me of how much they prefer cash over credit cards. As if the inconvenience that I face in my daily shopping as well as in my paperwork payments is not annoying enough! As much as I enjoy the whole combination of melody, style and colour of this performance, it hit me (when I listen more carefully to the lyrics) that the whole cash-loving thing has been my biggest dislike about Germany. But my sense of humour and I survived it anyhow, so sit back and enjoy, just like I did…

Here in Germany, my Visa card is not as powerful as it used to be.

2. If you are a book lover who wants to read anywhere at any time, or a selfie addict who needs something original for your new Facebook post, there is an idea right here: a mini library in a random bus!

EnVt Hamburg intext 1

Warning: This doesn’t make any sense if you’re troubled with motion sickness, like me!

3. Last Sunday, I went to the famous Hamburg Fischmarkt and I literally got lost in a paradise of FRUITS. Yes, you read it right, it was FRUIT, not FISH. Check out what my roomie got:

EnVt Hamburg intext 2

10 euros for EVERYTHING you spot on the table! (Coconut, mangos and papaya… and that basket too, I know!)

Seriously, it should be called “Fruchtmarkt” at a certain hour. It was a good catch to be honest and I liked it, but I had imagined fishermen shouting out prices from behind their lump of raw fish freshly caught the night before. I was quite upset to have found lots of fruits, candies, garments, and fast food stands instead. To be fair, there were some fish stands but they were far fewer compared to my expectations to be mentioned here! It was my fault to have gone there at 8 AM now that I think about it. If you want to see more fish, be up and ready at 5 AM or even earlier!

4. Hamburg has a special way to convey the message “Life is not just about work and sleep (and parties)'”. It’s also about SHEEP! I couldn’t help taking a stroll along the seawall as I came home from a long day at work yesterday. All of my tiredness suddenly vaporised upon seeing these cuties tardily having dinner on the slope. I am certain that not everyone has the ‘privilege’ to see sheep running freely across the street from your apartment on a summer night, somewhere near the centre of the second largest city of Germany!

EnVt Hamburg intext 3

What a great view for contemplating the meaning of modern life: CARS on one side, a herd of SHEEP on the other!

Which one would you rather have? Tough call, isn’t it?!

It has been a month and a half into my internship in Hamburg, and this port city keeps surprising me in its own way every once in a while. I am happy that the nostalgia for Paris is wearing off a little bit more every day. What about you, have you recently moved to another city and it hasn’t stopped amazing you? Share your experiences with us on Lexiophiles!

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