Hamburg? One day is enough for Thais…?


The first picture of my first morning in Hamburg

Hamburg is a wicked lively city and that one day is enough for Thais … to feel like home.

Having been here for two weeks, I had felt like a stranger, surrounded by an unfamiliar language. So last Sunday, I decided to take a little trip by foot to go around the city and found places that lightened me up.


Thai Buddhist Temple

Wat Buddhabharami (Wöschenhof 11, 22045 Hamburg)

Finding the place was a bit challenging for me, who was new to everything. The moment I walked inside, smiles were greeting me. I arrived there in the afternoon and almost everybody had gone.

A small delightful chapel…
It might not look so special but the taste was priceless… The taste of sharing









People, who were still there, were welcoming and asked if I had eaten. Maybe, it is a Thai thing. However, they meant it. 30 minutes later, my hands were full of food, a plate of rice, a bowl of Chinese pork stew, bananas, and apples. More than I could ask for.

It is definitely a place where you can find peace


Thai Authentic Restaurant

Sala Thai (Am Kaiserkai 1, Hafencity, 20457 Hamburg)


It is located in a very attractive location, almost right next to the harbor. The decoration was neat and the service was nice… We, as Thai people, live in a land of smiles and we bring it along wherever we go…

The taste was just right as it spiced up my day.
There is a small Thai pavilion (Sala) inside.









At first, I looked at the price and was a bit surprised. However, I craved for real Thai food so I did not leave. When the set came, I realized why the price was surprisingly high. The set was big, might be enough for three, more than enough for two.

Thai/Asian Store

Thai Asian Supermarket (Lange Reihe 1, 20099 Hamburg)
Vinh Loi (Klosterwall 2, 20095 Hamburg)









Can’t find ingredients for your special food? Maybe, you are not in Hamburg. It did not take long to wander to each Thai/Asian store in Hamburg thanks to a good transportation system.

Going inside made me feel like I was back to Thailand. There was almost everything you could wish for. Unfortunately, the price can never be as little as those in Thailand.









Undoubtedly, these are the places that you could never go wrong with.




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