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Do you still need to be convinced that the French are great people and that France is not all about going on strike and lunch breaks? Well, have a look at these records set or broken by French people, and you will probably see them in a new light!
(these records all come from the Guiness World Records website)

Record of the strangest diet
Not all French people enjoy the French cuisine. Indeed, Monsieur Mangetout has been eating metal and glass since 1959!! If you go to Grenoble, where he lives, make sure you can always keep an eye on your car or your bicycle – Monsieur Mangetout might be hungry!

Record of the highest jump onto a ramp (quarter pipe) – rollerblading
The French rollerblade athlete Taïg Khris broke this record at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. He jumped from a 30-meter ramp and reached a height of 12.5 meters in front of a crowd of 80 000 people. This is Taïg Khris’s 5th world record!

Record of the largest painting mosaic formed by people
In Rouen, at the occasion of the exhibition on impressionist paintings, 1250 people held enlarged fragments of a painting by Monet (a leader of the impressionist movement). The mosaic thus formed was 600 square meters!

Record of longest paper doll chain
The French magazine Science et Vie Découvertes, with the help of its readers, broke the record of the longest paper doll chain with 20 000 dolls and raised funds for a charity at the same occasion. The chain’s biggest contributor, Dylan, completed a chain of 400 paper-dolls all by himself.

Record of the biggest Gratin Dauphinois
Gratin Dauphinois is a French potato dish often eaten in the mountains on cold days. The biggest of the kind was made in the French Alps. It contained more than 2700 potatoes, 300 kilograms of cream and 10 kilograms of garlic… Bon appétit!

Record of the longest concert by a solo artist
This record took place in France, but was actually broken by a Canadian artist. Gonzalez is a musician, singer-songwriter, producer and rapper whose performance in Montmartre (Paris) lasted for more than 27 hours. He managed to eat and be interviewed while playing, and the Parisian audience was described as “enthusiastic”.


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