Heartwarming Breakfast from Thailand


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Breakfast is a very important meal for everyone. To have a better perspective of where I am coming from, let’s first discuss what a Thai breakfast is really like.

To be honest, Thai people eat anything for breakfast. People go wide-eyed when a kid eats cheerios for dinner, the same situation would not happen in Thailand, anything goes.

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One of the staple breakfast is Khao Tom (which roughly translates to boiled rice), a plain rice soup that is enjoyed often at home and is garnished with green onions. Along with it come different communal side dishes that are shared with the rest of the family.

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Another food that is often linked with breakfast is Jok, a porridge-like dish that is garnished similarly. It has small meatballs but apart from it, it’s a pretty straightforward dish. A pinch of pepper is splashed on top. In shops, there is also the option to add a soft boiled egg.

As you might see, it is very alien to western-style breakfast, but it is comforting food that reminds the people of family breakfast.

Hope I try many more German delicatessens on my journey. Also, I hope that you go out of your comfort zone and try some Thai breakfast, I assure that you won’t regret it!



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