Hips don’t lie

Dancing with a dance partner has something very special. If the dancing couple listens well to each other, they’ll easily be able to dance to a full song without uttering a single word. We are so used to listening to the words we use, that we sometimes forget that body language is very important in our daily communication.

If you pay attention, you can see body language everywhere when people come into contact with each other. Words only get their meaning in the context of the situation. Take for example the sentence: “I love you”. It depends on if you say it sweetly, sarcastic, sad, angry or shy. Every time those three simple words get a different meaning. And did you ever have the feeling that someone wasn’t telling you the truth? Amongst other things, you got this felling because their body language didn’t fit with the content of the words. The more you become aware of this, the more you’ll see it all around you. Who knows, maybe you’ll even be able to get information out of the smallest of details like a real Sherlock Holmes.

Not only can you decipher another’s bodyNL_Bodylanguage_NLintext language just by looking at it, but by listening to what goes on in your own body, you can understand a lot about the other person. Everything you feel in contact with another is a reflection of what this person does to you and what lives inside the other. Listening to your own body can give you a great deal of insight in what the other feels.

With all of this the dancing partners are able to listen so well to each other. The leader literally feels what goes on with the follower and vice versa. The only thing they have to do to make this happen, is opening themselves and to use their ‘ears’. Let’s also try to do this in our daily lives. What could your own feelings tell you about the other?

 Dea Boom is working as a student psychologist at Praktijk Hoek Melkweg. She also works as an online psychologist in her own practice.


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