Hit the Nail with These Colorful Spanish Idioms

Estar sin blanca – literally speaking, “to have no white”, that is to say, to be broke.

Ponerse morado – “to turn purple” means eating so much that your skin color changes to purple.

Verlo todo de color de rosa – “to see everything in pink” refers to a person who is extremely optimistic. Sometimes it might even have a slightly negative overtone: to be too naive.

Estar en números rojos – just as “to have no white”, this idiom literally means “to be in red numbers”, in other words, to have a negative bank balance at the end of the month. Its English equivalent is “to be in the red”.

Poner verde a alguien – “to turn someone green” means to criticize or say bad things about someone, sometimes behind their backs.

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Príncipe azul –“Blue Prince”. Figuratively speaking, this idiom refers to the Prince Charming present in fairy tales and Disney movies.

Dar en el blanco – “to hit the white” meaning to hit the nail, to nail it or to be spot on.

Verlo todo negro – “to see everything in black” means exactly the opposite to former “to see everything in pink”, that is, to be extremely pessimistic or gloomy.

Chiste verde – literally speaking, “green joke”, that is, a dirty joke.



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