Holidays: Tips to escape from the heat!

Summer has come. Under the strong sun, everything melts…ice-cream, make up, motivation…The average temperature in Tokyo in August is 28-30 degrees. In Gifu, which is the hottest area in summer (even hotter than Okinawa!), it’s around 35 degrees on average in August…Japanese people are surely tired of exposure to the sun! Many people prefer to stay indoors rather than going outside, but there are still popular places to go in summer!

1. Theme parks
We need to find places which are extremely fun. Otherwise we cannot completely forget about the heat. We have to walk around theme parks, wait for attractions in a long line, wait for parades under the sun…we cannot stand this unless the theme park is really fun. The most popular theme park is Tokyo Disney Land (it is actually located in Chiba, which is next to Tokyo). Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Osaka also attracts many people. Theme parks are always crowded, especially in summer.

2. Beaches or Swimming pools
Of course these kinds of places are typical destinations in summer, especially for families and young people. People gather around places which have water to jump into, in order to feel relief from the heat. There are seaside clubhouses on almost every beach, which sell Yakisoba (fried noodles),Takoyaki (octopus dumplings), ice cream and beer. Many people go to Okinawa during the summer (Okinawa is the southernmost area of Japan) to enjoy the most beautiful coral reefs in the whole of the country. I’m pretty sure that 90-95% of Japanese women on beaches or in swimming pools have sun-block in their bags. Also, almost every girl goes on a diet before meeting their boyfriend in the sea.

3. Anywhere near air conditioners or inside of refrigerators
People prefer being inside with an air conditioner if they have nothing to do.
In well known cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Nagoya, hundreds of high buildings tower above nearby stations. Surrounded by these buildings, the station becomes as hot as desert. There is no wind. If someone were to place compact, outdoor refrigerators in which people can hide when the temperature is deadly hot, they would make massive profits. It is normal for it to be over 35 degrees in summer, and not only in the well-known cities. In a sense, the most popular place to be in summer could be in rooms with air conditioning.

Let’s get over the heat by eating Natto!!!

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