Home is where the snow is

Is it just me, or was there a greater difference between autumn and winter when we were kids? Winter was as lush on white snow as the autumn was on red leaves. We skipped down from ceilings into large heaps of snow without hurting ourselves every day for several months each winter. And didn’t we have white Christmas every year when I was little?

I can read stats and newspaper archives from the 90s. I can ask the parent generation, and hear that they were thinking exactly the same thing as me when they grew up themselves, that the winter seemed longer. I have been told that we were in the north of Norway when we jumped from the roof and that there was no snow on Christmas Eve in 2002. But I’m still convinced. Nature doesn’t dress up according to the season any longer. She only wears sunglasses in June and a hat in December. And maybe she shows up in a bikini in September. But where are the seasons? Why do we have summer in April, autumn in January and spring in December? What have we done to our planet? What can we do to clean up the mess we’ve assisted to create?

Two days ago the snow fell again here in Hamburg, after 2 weeks of lukewarm temperatures, twilight and sideways rain. The winter sun peeked out Saturday morning and breath vapor outlined the lady always walking in front of me on the way to the bus. “WINTER” I said to myself. To me it was a relief that the winter was not over already. Maybe we still have some seasons left anyway! And maybe that’s how I know I’m Norwegian. I’m not quite happy in January without the presence of the snow, because home is where the snow is.

So please friends. Live a little greener, so that we can keep our winter. It’s not just boring to be environmentally friendly. Here are some fun and creative ways to reuse coffee ground and tea bags! I’m going to try these tips out for sure.


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