Home sweet home…shock?

So now you’re ready to leave. A new future waits for you and your life is packed in those suitcases.

It might be for an Erasmus program, or for an internship or anything else that keeps you away from home for more than just a few weeks.

How do you feel in that moment, right before leaving? I felt excited, challenged, and a bit afraid or at least I was wondering how my life would be in the next months: who is the person I will be sharing the flat with, how will the working environment be, will I find somebody to make friends with, will I miss my “old life”? I think questions like these are quite common for people preparing to leave their country, but still they won’t find an answer till they get there.

On the other hand, others would just leave without any doubts, sometimes because they are escaping their “old lives” and anything else will be better than what they have at home.

Anyway, the moment arrives and it’s time to say goodbye to your friends, family, and home. After the first shock, cultural and maybe about the foreign language, you will find some friends and get used to the place you live. Hopefully it will be good, at least a part of it: even if your flat mate is a hassle maybe university life is exciting or your colleagues are nice 🙂

Let’s say everything is going for the best, and you are now experiencing and enjoying the local culture, food, language, people and so on. Other than that you’ll know how it is to live on your own, being far from home, trying new experiences, which can be good or bad but I think you can learn something from them in any case.

Suddenly it’s time to leave again and go back home. Many people look for information before leaving their countries, maybe taking some foreign language classes or attending seminars about the foreign culture. But have you ever thought about the process of going back? Sometimes it’s more difficult to re-adapt to your “old life” than preparing the new one. Why? What happened in the meantime? Well, if you had enough time to adapt to the new reality, you won’t worry about the time you’ll return, and that’s the point. In fact, many people don’t prepare their way back home, and if you think about it, why not doing it if you did set up your period abroad?

In my next article I’ll give you some tips on how to avoid the going back home shock, stay tuned! 🙂


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