Home sweet home…shock? (Part 2)

So here we go again, how to avoid the post-vacation blues?

I will give you some tips here:

1) Try to re-adapt gradually: if you can (but I know sometimes it’s hard!) spend more time on leisure activities rather than on your duties. A slow life routine or rhythm will help in the first period, to enjoy your “old-new” life in your country. This way you can keep drowsiness away and be more productive and cheerful.

2) Do some sport: it’ll help you feel and actually be fit. Sport is also known to be a natural medicine against bad mood.

3) Keep in contact with your foreign friends, but not only with them. Your “local” friends are important as well, especially right after your return so you can go out with them, have fun and let them distract you from nostalgic thoughts.

4) You will have to tell many things to your family and friends so it would be good and more practical if you can group them and tell your story only once or twice 🙂

5) When you are abroad for a long period it’s likely to change your habits and your character too, it’s a kind of experience that involves emotions and challenges you. As a consequence, you will find your own way to live and answer the questions I mentioned in my previous article. As not all of your friends had an adventure like yours, it’s better not to feel superior to them because it won’t help. Of course you can talk with them and share your thoughts, but I think only a person who lived the same kind of process can fully understand you. For this you can always recollect the good times with your foreign friends.

6) Try to have a regular life regarding time: wake up at the same time every morning (better not too early), have lunch at the right time – according to your culture -, go to bed not too late (harder to do during the weekends :D).

These are only a few tips, can you think of other ones? Have you ever experienced the post-vacation blues? How did you manage it?


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