How are weddings in Latin America?

Many things are said about weddings in Spanish bodas, matrimonios o casamientos in Latin America; however, I don’t think they are very different, in fact I’d say they are very somber and similar to those in Europe or the States. In brief: church, white dress, rings, rice on the way out of the church.

What we should mention is that in some cases the guests are more numerous than planned. Even when the guest list is pretty long due to the fact that families in Latin America are big, some people bring someone with them that was not invited. Because of this, the actual number of people who attend the wedding can be more than expected. Nonetheless, weddings always have some things in common.

There are some traditions concerning the big event. The most widely-known one could be: something old, something blue, something borrowed and something new. Do you know what’s so special about these things?

People say that this tradition comes from the Middle Ages in Europe and it has a very special meaning: something old represents a tie with your past, with your family. Something blue means fidelity. Something borrow, that you’ll give back after the wedding, should be from a happily married woman. Finally something new represents the new life you start, full of hopes and dreams.

What you can’t forget is to leave pearls at home because they represent tears for the bridge.

Another tradition is to throw the bouquet to the single women – and the woman who gets it will be the next one to get married. There’s also another way to get it: the bride sits down on a chair and under it one shoe of each single woman is placed. The owner of the last shoe gets the bouquet.
What is the average age to get married?

That’s a hard question because it changes according to the region and the economic level. It’s well known that people with a low economic level get married earlier (around 20) whereas people in middle or high economic level prefer to wait until they finished their studies and have an stable job, it normally happens when they are around 30 years old.

As you can see weddings in Latin America are not that different than weddings in most other countries.

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