How can I learn a new language?

Learning a new language is never easy. A baby, for example, takes around 2 years to finally learn a large number of words and we can say it’s until we are 8 years old when we speak a good Spanish or the native language of our country.

The best stage to learn how to speak a new language is during our childhood, 3 years is considered the best age because we will be able to classify the words and our linguistic skills will be highly developed, which in the future will benefit our lifestyle.

If we decide to study once we are adults, there are many tools available for us:

– Language lessons with a teacher or online.
– Books.
– DVD language courses.
– Summer courses in different countries.
– Conversation clubs at language schools.

To ensure better results we should choose more than one of these tools. Nevertheless, the best option to learn a new language will always be to spend some time in the country or city where the language is spoken as the native one. Some of the reasons are:

– Practice: We will be listening to and speaking the language on a daily basis, no matter how much we know about it we’ll have to start using what we know in order to communicate.
– Pronunciation: Unless we find a native teacher, our accent and pronunciation will not be the best but we can always improve them if we listen to native speakers every day. There are many letters, like the German “R”, that are difficult to pronounce for Spanish speakers due to the fact that the sound comes straight from the throat and not from the tip of the tongue. The way we use our mouth to articulate any word will affect our pronunciation skills. After some time we’ll be able to speak relatively well but we will have to pay a lot of attention to the way natives communicate plus we’ll have the opportunity to ask them grammar tips or any explanation related to their language.
– Fluency: At the beginning it’s hard to structure long sentences because we are not used to speaking the language but generally it takes us around one month to communicate fluently. If we know nothing about it, after one month we’ll be able to recognize some words in a normal conversation.
– Slang: we’ll get the chance to learn common phrases for natives (also known as slang) but if we ask the meaning of them, it might be difficult for them to explain. Apart from that, our skills to communicate with different cultures will benefit our professional career and once in a while our personal life.
– Culture: It’s really a big surprise when we find out how many things or language expressions we have in common with many cultures around the world. In addition to that, we will be more flexible and adjusting to any environment or situations will be a piece of cake most of the times.

Two months would be enough to enhance our knowledge of a new language, but if you are the adventurous type of person and decide to be part of the culture then you will love languages even more!


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