How different is Easter in Germany?

Easter ended and for me it didn’t really feel like it even happened. Despite the fact that Germany and Brazil have very similar Easter traditions – as you might have seen in this article – there are some small differences that can really change the Easter atmosphere.

One of these differences would be the decoration of places such as supermarkets and shops in general. While in Germany we see a few chocolate eggs and small bunnies on a discrete shelf, in Brazil we have what I would describe as a shelter or a roof of chocolate eggs at the supermarket, bakeries and so on. It may seem a silly thing or an insignificant detail to notice but either consumerism or tradition, the fact is that it does modify the Easter feeling.

Another fact would be the weather. During the Easter in Brazil it’s pretty sunny and warm, while in Germany it’s mostly cold and cloudy. I guess this is more or less the feeling that some European foreigners I know had when they spent Christmas in my city in Brazil. It was summer, and of course there was no snow or cold; there were though a lot of Christmas decorations but in spite of that for them it didn’t feel like a real Christmas.

To illustrate how Brazilian shops look like during Easter I will show you some pictures:

How about your country, what symbols or traditions make the Easter really feel like Easter there?


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