How do you feel when learning a new language?

If you type in Google “learning process of bilingual children” you will find a series of texts about the advantages of learning a second language early. Although there is controversy about how beneficial it may be, or not, for the development of children, it is common to hear that the earlier you start studying a foreign language, the easier you will learn it.

But how is the language learning process for adults? When one is not accustomed to academia any more? It’s true that to learn a new language you just need to want to. But the question I raise in this post is about new sensations provoked by new language learning.

I was in college, and away from literacy process, when I began studying Italian. I felt like a child because when learning a new language you need to learn everything from scratch. As a child, we learn the numbers, the names of colors, how to introduce yourself to a new friend and so on.

All this makes me reflect on how natural the learning process is for children. They invent words all the time and gracefully deal with the situation.

They free their imagination and can communicate what they need to. I wonder when we are adults we lose this natural ability of “child imagination”. When we become adults we also become “socially shaped” which can paralyze our ability to express ourselves in another language.

Therefore, I believe that learning a new language is always very good. Not only because it will improve your resume, but because it can be an opportunity for you to open your mind to a new culture, a new world and, and more importantly unleash your imagination as any child would.


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