How does one buy legal software in Latin America?

I dare to say that only companies buy legal software, even though sometimes they opt for cheaper options than Microsoft. It is said that 66% of all software in the region is illegal. Is it true?

I think so. Nevertheless, there is perhaps a valid explanation for using software without a license, or at least that’s what some people say. Prices are so high that sometimes you can buy another computer with the same money. Besides that, if we take into account the mean wage in this region, we will realize that no one can afford a legal copy.

So, how can everybody have a computer? Where do they get the software and license from? Apparently, it is quite easy; everybody buys computers in specialized shopping centers and hardly anyone cares if the software is legal. Maybe because for them is it just important that the software works…

Illegal copies are everywhere in Latin America. They work pretty normally, but what you can’t do is actualize them – because if you did you couldn’t use them anymore. This could be a problem, however you can get easily a new version if it happens.

It seems to be that there is no way to solve this problem, mainly because the purchasing power of Latin American people is low, and as long as this situation doesn’t change, no one will spend a lot of money on software that can be found for a very low price. I’m quite sure more people would buy the license and would use all the services provided by Microsoft if the prices were lower.

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