How many different accents are there in Latin America?

23?, 15?, one per country? Or maybe more?. Due to the expansive area in which Spanish is spoken, many different accents exist in Spain and in Latin America. This article, however, will refer just to those in Latin America.

Some sources assure that there are 20 distinct accents in Latin America, but there are also subdivisions, for instance in the Caribbean, which is subdivided into “Costeño Colombiano”, Cuban, Dominican, “Marabino”, Venezuela, Puerto Rican and Panamanian.

Differences between dialects are basically use of some words and expressions in particular, as well as the pronunciation of phonemes in different ways. In countries such as Mexico or Venezuela, more than one dialect is spoken, but in Colombia for instance there are at least 10. Some might say that with some many dialects, many communication problems can arise; nonetheless, I’d dare to say no (if we don’t count the “Costeño”). The “problem” with this one is that people omit important phonemes (like “s”) and they speak extremely fast.

There is no a correct or incorrect dialect, but there are some preferences for some of them. Argentinean, Colombian, Mexican, Chilean… it’s quite subjective. All those dialects make Spanish a language in evolution, thus many words are added constantly. This fact also shows that Latin Americans are not all the same, in spite of sharing the language, the way we express our feelings belongs to the reality in our own country and region.

YouTube has many videos about the differences between dialects, however, in most of them the expressions are overreacted, the words the speakers use are the same. Also, with some dialects, such as Colombian, only one subdialect is shown with vulgar words that don’t accurately represent the way in which Colombians speak.

There is a group on facebook, in which the users discus aspect about the different accents.

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