How to Celebrate Korean Liberation Day

It’s almost August 15th! Every year on August 15th, Koreans celebrate Liberation Day. This day commemorates Korea’s independence from Japanese imperial rule in 1945 after World War II, and it became a national holiday in 1949. The Korean term for this day is Gwangbokjeol (광복절) and it literally means “restoration of light” day. To the Koreans, “light” was restored to their country on this day. And so… how does one celebrate Korean Liberation Day? Here is a list of what you must do!

  • Proudly display the national flag (Taegukki, 태극기) outside your home!
  • Visit public museums and sites, especially if you are a descendant of one of the Korean independence movement activists because for you, the entrance is free. Even public transportation is free for you all day!
  • Attend the official ceremony either held at the Independence Hall of Korea in Cheonan or at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. Even the president of Korea will be there!
  • Go to as many special events held this day as possible! Every year, the events are different but they will be held all over Korea and you may even get some free stuff!
  • Last but not least, celebrate the braveness of the Korean independence activists and the freedom Korea gained back in 1945!



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