How to enjoy Hamburg in summer

Hamburg is one of the most beautiful cities in northern Germany. It has been called the Venice of Northern Europe because of its many channels and bridges – even more than Venice itself!

Hamburg is located where the rivers Alster and Bille flow into the Elbe river. The city center is situated around the artificial lakes on the Alster river: Binnenalster (inner Alster) and Außenalster (outer Alster). The city has endless possibilities but here’s a list of some of the things you must do if you ever visit the city.

4 Things to Do

Barbecue in the Stadtpark: (park in the center of the city) or on the banks of the Elbe. These parks are full of large lawns. Locals of Hamburg (called Hamburgers) are very likely to have BBQs when the weather is good with family or friends.

Rent a bike and ride around the Außenalster: Bicycles can be rented throughout downtown and this is a relatively inexpensive activity.

See the music light water show in Planten un blomen park: Water from the fountains moves following the rhythm of the music. The show is extremely beautiful and romantic. It’s always at night. And the music is different every day.

Take a boat across the river Elbe: There are thousands of possibilities and they are available at a variety of prices depending on which boat you take. The cheapest ones belongs to the public transportation system of Hamburg and they cost as much as a regular metro ticket.

3 Special Places to Visit

Hamburg Harbor: The port of Hamburg, a walk worth taking with scenic views of the harbor ships and boats. Nearby, directly by the Elbe, there is an orange observation tower in the newest district of Hamburg – HafenCity. Great views and the best thing is that admission is free.

St. Pauli or the Reeperbahn: This is perhaps one of the most famous red light districts around the world. Here you will find everything from prostitute streets, sex shops to normal bars and fast food restaurants…

But the best thing of St. Pauli is discovering the music and clubs hidden in the side streets of the Reeperbahn. It is a unique party atmosphere.

Balcony of Altona: a viewpoint which looks across the harbor, whether at night or during the day the view is spectacular.

3 Things to Try

Mexikaner: shot of vodka, Tabasco and tomato. It has a distinctive taste. You must be really open-minded to new tastes and flavors when trying this drink.
Franzbrötchen: croissant filled with honey and cinnamon. You can find it in any bakery of the city.
Currywurst : the typical sausage served with French fries and ketchup sauce with curry.

Hamburg is certainly a city that captivates. Especially in spring and summer when the weather is good. It is a vibrant, elegant city, with many different atmospheres. There are not many cities in the world about which you can say that.


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