How to find your toilet in Poland

Going to Euro 2012 in Poland to root for your team? Beware of the trap that might surprise you after you’ve had a couple of beers in the pub while watching the game.

When you find the bathroom to answer the call of nature you might face a dilemma which door to use as there will be the following symbols on them:

Not all bathrooms in Poland still use those but enough to cause chaos among foreign football fans, I can imagine. Many bathrooms fortunately switched to universally recognized pictograms of a woman and a man but for those of you who might encounter one with these strange symbols, let me explain to make your decision quicker and avoid having to wait for someone to leave the toilet first:

the CIRCLE is for WOMEN and the TRIANGLE is for MEN

Hopefully you’ve read this article before facing a bathroom like this 🙂 Wishing you a very pleasant stay in Poland and fantastic sports emotions!

P.S. I was inspired to write this article by a German bathroom with letter D and H on the doors. Not particularly foreigner-friendly either… So if you ever see this in Germany and don’t know German, here’s some help as well: D stands for Damen – women and H for Herren – men.

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