How to get married and survive

Supposedly every little girl dreams of the day when she will marry her Mr. Right and wear the absolutely gorgeous white dress and every woman really longs for this dream to come true and begins to look for a husband desperately when she reaches certain age. But what is this age exactly?

Fortunately the times when an unmarried 20-year-old was considered a cursed spinster are long gone and the AVERAGE age for women to get married in Poland nowadays is 24. The grooms are even older: around 26. So there, no need to panic if you still haven’t found your Prince Charming or you beloved one doesn’t seem to be interested in tying the knot at all.

But it is always good to be prepared and not to let bad luck ruin your special day and the whole future common life so read this ultimate guide to the Polish marriage & wedding superstitions carefully!

1. Plan your wedding day in a month whose name contains the letter R. The months to avoid are May and November (in Polish: listopad). A wedding on the 1st of April indicates that you don’t take this whole matter seriously. It is recommended to choose Christmas and Easter as marriage dates.
2. The bride is advised to cry a little bit before the marriage. That should mean that she won’t be crying any more after the ceremony. Also breaking plates, glasses, china etc. is said to bring luck. So go ahead and break his terrible mug you’ve always hated, it’s for the sake of your future happiness!
3. Rain on a wedding day, even if not pleasant, should not be seen as a bad sign. In Poland it’s regarded as God’s blessing.
4. Clumsiness is never good. Stumbling on your way down the aisle is a very bad omen. Moreover, the bride shouldn’t turn around to see if her veil’s set alright.
5. After drinking up the first toast at the reception the couple throws their glasses behind themselves. The glasses should split into tiny pieces.
6. The bride should wear:
a. Something white (symbol of innocence)
b. Something blue (to guarantee her partner’s faithfulness)
c. Something new or a coin in her shoe or bra (to bring them wealth)
d. Something old (as a token of help of friends and family)
e. Something borrowed (to make her fiancé’s family like her)
As simple as that! And the eternal happiness is forever with us!

It might seem like a huge hassle to get all these things right and probably it is, so why not hire a professional wedding planner to remember all these points for us. It’s better not put our future luck at stake and having a personal wedding planner has become so common and trendy in Poland that they even have their own association yet! If our great-great-grandmothers had seen that they would have been very surprised, I’m quite sure!

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