How to kiss an Italian

When you go to Italy for a holiday, or you work or study there, certainly you will make friends with somebody.

Perhaps you will have a group of friends, or just a couple of them, but do you know the way we kiss or hug each other when we meet? Actually one of the first things you can notice when moving to another country is its culture, which can be really different from yours.

Here are some tips useful if you want to look Italian when it comes to greeting friends:

– North Italy: here you will find people who have always been in contact with other European countries (because of this region’s geographical position of course), therefore they have a more European way of kissing friends. What I mean is that, generally speaking, people kiss their friends once or twice on the cheeks. Only closer friends and relatives receive also a brief hug.

– South Italy: people here are more social in a way, and this has a reflection in the number of kisses and hugs. It’s normal to kiss people three or four times (friends) and give big hugs (for closest friends and relatives).

On the other hand there can be also special (and funny!) ways of greeting your best friend, like in this video:

Anyway, the way you greet friends can vary a lot depending on the city you are living or working in. For example in Milan, the less noisy you are when kissing the better it is. And don’t kiss for real, just be cheek to cheek.
In a southern city, like Naples, you have to be noisy on the contrary, and kiss for real, or your friend will think you are a cold person.

And how about your country, how many times you kiss your friends and relatives? Do you like to hug people? 😀


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